Lay’s – Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavour Chips (70g)(China)

Trap Mart – Canada’s Exotic Snacks: Rare and Hard to Find Candy, Chocolates, Hot Sauce and Drinks.

Lay’s Stax – Avocado Mustard (104g)(China)

Lay’s Stax Avocado Mustard are super crunchy, super flavourful crisps that really satisfy the munchies. This flavour is tangy with

Lays – Prik Pao Spice & Cheese (67g)(Thailand)

Lay’s has been one of the world’s leading brands of snacks for over 75 years. There are numerous flavours of

Lay’s – Hot Pepper & Crayfish (104g)(China)

Superior Lays STAX quality chips in a limited edition Hot Pepper & Crawfish / Crayfish flavor. Simply irresistable! China Import
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