Milky Way – Midnight Rich Dark Chocolate Bar (49.9g)

Dark chocolate lovers, rejoice! MILKY WAY Midnight Dark Chocolate is the delicious caramel chocolate candy bar you love, enrobed in

Nestle – Kit Kat Cereal (330g)

The Delicious Taste of Chocolate & Wafer, Now for Breakfast. Give in to our crunchy whole grain & wafer taste.

Code Hein – Cardamon Coven – Chocolate Cover Coffee Beans (50g)

CARDAMOM CHAI CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEANS Say f*ck you to caffeine jitters. This edible treat is a smooth caffeine ride and a feeling like there's an orgasm in your mouth.

Cadbury – Dairy Milk Oreo (120g)(UK)

Creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate from the UK laced with chunks of Oreo cookie. 
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