Hi-Chew Bites – Original Mix (60g)


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Trap into the indulgent taste of the Hi-Chew Bites Original Mix! Made with incredible and intense fruity flavours and the ultimate in chewy textures.

As you open up the Hi-Chew package, the aromatic scent of those famously fruity flavours is overwhelmingly enticing!
Your mouth will water, anticipating that luscious and chewy consistency. As you bite through its tender exterior, the fruit-filled tastes will deliciously burst in your mouth. You’ll taste the refreshing flavours of Mango, Green Apple and Strawberry.
Hi-Chew Candy hails from Japan and was the country’s first confectionary company that grew to be the largest in Asia. Now this candy is loved worldwide for its taste and texture.
Treat yourself to the remarkable taste of the Hi-Chew Bites Original Mix from Trap Mart
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