Trap Treats for Pets- Freeze Dried Snacks – Chicken Livers (65g)


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Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Dog/Cat Treats 

When a food is freeze dried, first it’s flash frozen at an ultra-low temperature. Next, the moisture is removed via a vacuum process. Because bacteria and other microorganisms need water to survive, freeze-dried foods are preserved in a safe way without the use of chemical preservatives or additives.

100% Canadian chicken liver, nothing added!

Minimally Processed: Locks in all the nutrients of real, raw meat
Tasty: Rich in flavour to satisfy your pets craving
Food Safe: Free of food pathogens found in raw meat and meat products
Easy to Eat: Bite-sized form with crisp texture
Convenient: Ready to eat, mess free and easy to store without the need for refrigeration.
Allergy free product

Gluten free

Grain free

No preservatives

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